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The Art of Science



From 3D printed homes to massive art walls to AI designed and 3D printed sculptures, the LuxMea team is at the forefront of revolutionizing design and construction.  We bring our considerable experience, our 4th Industrial Revolution skills, our demonstrated capabilities and global perspective to every client project. 


LuxmMea clients include real estate developers, construction firms, property management firms, real estate investors, home builders, architectural firms, art studios, government housing and economic development authorities, urban planners, green building boards and smart city initiatives.

More Projects


Disruptive technlogy enables mass customizable sustainable housing design that is cheaper, faster and better. 

3D printed concrete feature wall

Age of Mass Customization ™

3D Printed high-resolution kitchen, explores the new way of design & fabrication

3D printed steel memorial for the victims of Hurricane Maria

Architectural promenda through building scale 3D printing. 

3D Printed high performance concrete panel

Age of Mass Customization ™

Inspired by Enneper's minimal surface, the chair pattern is a celebration of Generative Design by Fusion 360.

3D printed handrail brackets

Waterjet cut tiles

CNC stair system

Experiemtanl spatial illustration combines with digital fabrication.

Next generation buildnig envelope designed through AI & Generative Design, and fabricated with 3D Printing. 

3D Printed Brass signage wall encourages user interaction. 

Randomly generated pavilion designs

Age of Mass Customization ™

First 3D Printed cor-ten steel, in 3-Dimensional voronoi structure

Age of Mass Customization

The future generation of 3D Printed high resolution concrete panel

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