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The Art of Science



Advancements in 3D printing in the life science space are astounding.  Scientists are already printing bone and tissue for patient use.  And researchers are now printing complex human organs - and in the near future will be capable of bioprinting complex biological systems.  All of these advancements will fundamentally change the way we all live and die.  


From 3D printed homes to massive art walls to AI designed and 3D printed sculptures, the LuxMea team is at the forefront of revolutionizing design and construction.  We bring our considerable experience, our 4th Industrial Revolution skills, our demonstrated capabilities, and global perspective to every client project.


Orthapedics - implants - braces - cathetars - PPE - 3D printed, patient specific - lighter stronger faster cheaper

LuxmMea clients include real estate developers, construction firms, property management firms, real estate investors, home builders, architectural firms, art studios, government housing and economic development authorities, urban planners, green building boards, and smart city initiatives.

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