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CEEC Pavilion

a "volumetric Voronoi" leitmotiv is morphed into informal lounge furniture, purposely left indeterminate, deliberately not bench or chair-like, so that this new "landscape" can be occupied by people in many ways. Contrary to most mall-like retail environments, where seating and loitering are discouraged, the context here is to encourage patrons to take in the unique technology lifestyle brands which are concentrated here. The architectural motif here was to take the traditional idea of street promenade and morph it into a 3D- type of movement system, complete with episodes, offering niches for relaxation, contemplation, enjoying souvenirs, and people watching.

3D printed metal


Many architects employ Voronoi when developing novel patterns, but most tend to be two-dimensional superficial treatments. Following nature’s example, LuxMea sees that the minimum enclosure system of Voronoi cells show that tiling need not be a flat system. The cell's thickness, however, in three dimensions, organizes a constructive expansion toward infinity in all directions without any gaps. LuxMea applied this mechanism to the Voronoi geometry, using computational design tools and 3D printing fabrication technology to form a new architectural language of a three-dimensional structural Voronoi, departing from the traditional two-dimensional decorative motif patterns.

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