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Concrete Panels

Concrete panel prototypes of various sizes are being designed and fabricated by LuxMea, with the intent of establishing a new paradigm for cladding systems for buildings. LuxMea aims to emancipate those who wish to be freed of flatness and orthogonal grid-like forms, which dominate the building envelope industry around the world. LuxMea is capitalizing on concrete's intrinsic plastic qualities and is developing soft sumptuous curvilinear and organic forms with high sculptural relief. LuxMea has been using this ancient basic material formula to develop new types of casting techniques as well. Incorporating flexible micro-fibers, a cement base of high compression strength, and proprietary admixtures, an unprecedented sculptural quality and ductility is achievable, including double-curved surface panels, which are increasingly demanded in today's high-end buildings. The project is ongoing and involves experiments with 3D-printed technology.

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