Welcome to the Age of Mass Customization

LuxMea is a next generation digital technology company on the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Our advanced AI-enabled computational design, machine learning driven digital fabrication, and rapid on demand industrial scale 3D printing allow us to design, fabricate and produce nearly anything our clients require. 


From large scale customized structures and architectural elements - to incredibly small and complex medical devices - to mass scale precise and personalized consumer products - our clients are limited only by imagination and the laws of physics.


Computational Design

Use our team and our proprietary tools and advanced AI-enhanced design methodologies, our team can create, design, revise almost any product


Digital Fabrication

Apply our sophisticated proprietary machine learning generative design software, algorithms, and enhanced workflows to emulating nature's organic method of growing as opposed to current manufacturing methods of constructing

Outsourced Services

LuxMea team becomes our clients’ advanced additive manufacturing group in lieu of - or to augment- internal resources 

Consulting Services

Work with clients to devise or revise additive manufacturing strategy, create automated processes, execute plans and train technical staff

LuxMea Creates Value:

Our team of experts, proprietary tools, outsourced services, strategy consulting and industry thought leadership add tremendous value and allow our clients to:

  • transform business models

  • speed design & production 

  • automate workflows

  • increase efficiencies

  • gain competitive advantage

  • reduce costs

  • collapse supply chains

  • improve profit margins 

  • increase enterprise value

  • design and create forms not possible with conventional manufacturing


LuxMea’s mission is to provide our clients with advanced tools; domain expertise; and a complete end-to-end process for the computational design and digital fabrication of customized, sustainable and affordable products.


From large scale 3D printed homes -to small, complex medical devices - to mass scale personalized consumer products - our clients are limited only by imagination and the laws of physics.

Team Meeting


The LuxMea team is comprised of talented professionals with deep domain expertise in mathematics, computational design, and digital fabrication.  


Team expertise includes:

  • AI-aided computational design 

  • ML-driven digital fabrication

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Construction & architecture

  • Project management

  • Materials science

  • Human factors design

  • Product design & development

  • Process improvement

  • Change management

Team Meeting

Strategic Partners Include: