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Avection Panel

Like our Concrete panel 01 prototypes, we intend to establish a new paradigm for cladding systems with the Advection Panel. This time, however, experiments were made with a different ornamentation style, using a  mathematical axiom as the primary form driver.


In the disciplines of sciences, mathematics, and engineering,  advection is the transport of a substance by bulk motion, meaning that the properties of that substance are carried with the substance when it moves. Unlike most advected substances, which take the form of fluids in motion, the patterns of the Advection panel are "frozen" and are analogous to trapped energy.


Incorporating flexible micro-fibers, a cement base of high compression strength, and proprietary admixtures, an unprecedented sculptural quality and ductility is achievable, including double-curved panels that can be used as walls and roof elements for all kinds of buildings. The project is ongoing and involves experiments with 3D-printed technology.

Age of Mass Customization®

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