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Enneper's Chair

Inspired by the concept "Enneper surface", named after mathematician Alfred Enneper, LuxMea set out to create a new type of chair that transcends traditional furniture-making which remains typically a constructive, rather than a digitally produced affair. The "Enneper surface"  is a geometrical form that can be described in precise mathematical terms to produce a minimal self-intersecting surface. When applied to a sitting function and materials, a phenomenon we call "structural ornamentation" results, giving our chair a unique surface treatment, ones reflecting forces within the material as applied by a seated person. The final prototype was executed in concrete after a series of tests were made using 3D-printed machines to produce scaled models in various resin-type materials. The design was produced by custom computational software tools, and with specific applications of "Generative Design", and included Fusion 360- a software developed to fuse designing and making- developed by Autodesk. The rapid prototyping tests were also conducted in Autodesk's Digital Fabrication Lab in Toronto. LuxMea is a member of Autodesk's Residency Program.

Age of Mass Customization®

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