Welcome to the Age of Mass Customization™



Global economies are rapidly entering the Age of Mass Customization™.  Driving this transformation is rapid advancements in consumer habits & preferences, 3D printing technologies, materials science, and an ever more urgent focus on sustainability and the environment. 


From high end and off the rack fashion, to personalized footwear, to jewelry and accessories, customization enabled by additive manufacturing will fundamentally influence many processes in production, supply chain design, logistics, product life-cycle planning, and consumer behavior.

LuxMea is helping our clients bring unprecedented customization and control to consumers.  Our end-to-end process allows customers to scan for precise measurements, select styles, choose material, customize for color & design elements - then press a button and print their unique one-of-a-kind personalized product.  The technologies are here today and we are helping our clients transform their business models and prepare for the Age of Mass Customization™.

LuxMea clients include fashion brands, design houses, high end & off-the-shelf apparel makers, athletic wear brands, sports equipment companies, fashion accessories companies, and large online retailers.

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