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CEEC Signage Wall

Unceasing complexity in our ever-larger buildings and infrastructures can often be intimidating and confusing, and therefore, way-finding strategies are often implemented to aid navigation.  Rather than stick with pictograms and signage, as usual, LuxMea transformed its way-finding strategy into architecture, giving it material and tectonic richness for enhanced customer experience in this technically-themed mall. A three-dimensional filigree brass cell-like net structure is introduced serving as a divider between the floor lobby space and the floor lounge, and performs double duty as a visual communication platform. LuxMea's unique 3D way-finding pictograms are embedded and appear to be floating in volume rather than being merely 2-dimension-ally represented on a solid wall. 3D-printed metal makes a customized structure possible, complete with a variability that cannot be achieved with off-the-shelf products and traditional fabrication techniques. Luxmea's illuminated graphic iconography, architecturally contextualized within our proposed semi-solid spatial divider, elicit a deeper exploration of the definition and uniqueness of the place. The proposed compact icons also double as a strategic branding mechanism, resonating with the CEEC retail experience, by introducing an engaging and memorable component between the numerous possible destinations to be found here. Effective and compelling signage achieves a challenging balance between standing out and blending in— accomplished here by transforming the now-familiar 2D Voronoi into a 3D matrix and an appropriate level of porosity.

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