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Otis Kitchen

For an apartment renovation, a unique sculptural kitchen design is being produced with a highly ductile, high-performance concrete, and is a giving a modern kitchen a completely non-kitchen-like look, suitable to a small apartment suite. 


The project involved experimentation with "structural ornamentation" and optimization using both software tools and 3D-printing to produce scaled prototypes of the whole and the various parts (eg cabinet doors). 3D-printers wall also employed to produce the molds to form the concrete surfaces and island entity. LuxMea's goal was to create a monocoque-like effect with sinks, cabinet doors...all made of one material, and to introduce unprecedented minimal tolerances and delicacy with details.


3D-printing the molds for the island ensures that the 10 feet long by 3 feet wide feature is a sculptural entity of continuous concrete surfaces, uninterrupted with joints on all faces except for the bank of concrete cabinetry doors below the working surface, which are also made to fit extremely tight tolerances, while accommodating for movement and the geometry of the cabinet door hinges.

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