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LuxMea is positioning itself as world leaders in the technological areas of material science, digital fabrication, and computational design. Our focus is on steel, concrete, and our own unique patent-pending "Super-material" substance. Each material is conceived and executed with digital technologies. LuxMea continually conducts research in the arenas of both computational design tools and additive (3D- printing) and subtraction (CNC milling) digital fabrication methods. With each of these materials, LuxMea is pushing the boundaries of size and delicate detail achievable with the technology available. We also develop our own software tools and employ technologies from other industries outside of the design disciplines, to achieve our mandated goals of ultra-performance and stringent sustainability targets. We look forward to inquiries and extend invitations to potential industry partners and new markets.

3D Printed Metal Structures

3D-printing with different metals, including steel, bronze. and silver, was the first area, LuxMea investigated and the fruits of this exploratory adventure resulted in the first range of products we produced. Our Sculpture PLETHORA is the culmination of research and artistic exploration conducted with emerging softwares and digital  manufacturing with metals to date. With her, we have demonstrated that we have overcome the 2 main obstacles that have hitherto hindered the further evolution of 3D-printing with metal - Size ( PLETHORA  is 5 Meters high) and material stability. Luxmea's pursuit of 3D-printed metal continues as we explore applications with new metals and alloys, robotics, and new methodologies, such as interlocking and working with spacial cases, such as Cor-Ten steel, which as specific constraints and opportunities.

Plethora Shenzen - Low Res
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Super Composite

LuxMea's propriety "super-composite" is a substance based on a combination of raw materials, admixtures, and agents, and is specifically developed for the 3D-printing process. As such, it is a first in the context of today's renaissance of emerging new materials and hybrid composites. The idea behind high-performances composite materials is to mate the strengths of the combined materials and chemicals while canceling out their weaknesses of each. The drive towards high performance materials is driven by higher demands placed on products while decreasing the global ecological footprint. Although engineered for building applications, the "super-material" many other applications are foreseen for this unique product. Differentiated from other "high-tech" products, the  "super-composite"  will be very affordable thus not subject to only high profile projects. The materiel has been tested the UL institute and has been positively evaluated on a number of pertinent performance categories and has achieved a fire-resistant rating of ASTM E84. The  "super-composite"  is also a strong candidate for materials stories" associated with emerging high-tech brands.

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3D Printed Concrete

In contrast to the concrete we see all around us in our cities, LuxMea sees a world completely freed of squareness and hard edges by capitalizing on concrete's intrinsic plastic qualities and developing soft sumptuous curvilinear forms as well as relief, in the form of delicate ornamental surfaces. By exploring ways to 3D-print concrete itself as well as using this ancient basic materiel formula to develop new types of organic form work, we are able to cast new complex geometrical shapes for buildings, architectural cladding panels for indoor and outdoor applications, and furnishings. Incorporating flexible micro-fibers, a cement base of high compression strength, and proprietary admixtures, an unprecedented sculptural quality and ductility is achievable, including double-curved panels, which are increasingly demanded in today's high-end buildings.


3D Printed Concrete House

Coming soon.

Other Projects

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