Starting or looking to develop a digital fabrication project? LuxMea is here to provide an extensive range of digital fabrication services, whether 3D-printing with various materials or using CNC-milling machines. As a small company with strong links to global industries, academic institutions, and software developers, we are extremely agile and able to deliver state-of-the-art digital fabrication services, no one else is able to provide at reasonable prices. Aside from our ability to provide you with one-of-a kind solutions for your particular project, we are capable of deliver the highest standards of fabrication.

Most of our projects are digitally fabricated of one material, and realized with only a few industrial processes, but also, we are increasingly developing new products integrating multiple materials and features such as electronics and lighting.

LuxMea is always evolving, as the technologies on both the hardware and software side evolves. We are constructing new worlds in ways that others, simply, cannot. What Artificial Intelligence and machines are offering, we develop into a medium, unleashing unprecedented creative freedom.

Beyond our facility, we also take responsibility for shipping and installing your compete customized product, guaranteeing the highest quality assurance and safety in your environment. This is our standard whether the product is in transit or on site.


LuxMea can help you get started with digital fabrication, mate digital approaches to your firm's philosophy and commitment of deliverable to your clients, and offer optimized techniques.


A 3D model from schematic design (CAD) cannot be printed immediately. The process of developing a design model to production model (ex. Ready for 3D printing) can be very challenging.


Beginning with the idea of "growing" versus "constructing", LuxMea as turned the traditional way of making upside down. LuxMea offers generative design consulting services to design and engineering professionals wishing to embrace this revolutionary approach to design, one that has already been embraced in the avionic and automobile industries. The process is realized by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps provides numerous options and derivatives, within a range and time span that exceeds human capacity by far. AI accommodates the needs and desires demanded of our times, the eras of "mass customization". AI enhances your competitive edge.


Digital fabrication levitates the traditional 2D artistic device, trompe l’oeil, to a 3D manifestation of space and material.


Before proceeding into digital fabrication, the design - material - fabrication method relationship is critical to understand in order to produced a predictable result. Engineering support is coupled with an exhaustive analysis of each product, component, all static and kinetic entities, where applicable.

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