LuxMea offers full architecture and interior design services with a focus on 3D-printing and digital fabrication.

We also offer design service to architects, interior designers, with a scope that ranges from building components, to way-finding systems and signage, to
individual pieces of furniture. We offer modular services which ranges from strategic execution of your idea- to a built reality, to complete turnkey solutions, to running workshops tailored to your specific tasks and design/build team. With the turnkey option we can take charge of your project, and take responsibility for every aspect of the performance from costs to installation, seamlessly. As an off-site digital fabricator, we offer millimeter precise tolerances, superior finishes, and far fewer joints when compared to both traditional prefabricated and insitu construction methods.

Our clients are local and global, small enterprises and large companies, and we are expanding our markets to embrace institutional and hospitality, beyond our established expertise in the residential, retrial, and commercial market sectors.


Parametric design and digital fabrication are now offering architects far greater geometric freedom, bespoke detailing, ornamentation and greater all around effi ciency than ever before.


Employing unorthodox approaches when designing furniture or a product is possible when engaging the digital medium.


Digital tooling allows for a fantastic range of experimentation and liberated tectonic expression, for both new builds and renovations.


Our approach to design is "generative design", emulating nature's method of growing as opposed to constructing. Generative Design is facilitated by means of design and digital fabrication software, all of which includes the customized software tools that LuxMea develops internally.

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