Domestic interior and garden furniture, kitchen outfittings, and jewelry are available for sale as individual pieces or features in interior design projects. Our products present key milestones in our search of fabricating techniques, new materials, or new techniques with ancient materials. Many of our products were created with specific goals in mind with an aesthetic carefully considered, but are available to customize, on request. Please, contact us for details.

These are available for purchase as wither single order
items and large order items.


Inspired by mathematician Alfred Enneper's minimal surface, LuxMea created new type of chair that transcends tradition furniture-making which is based on a typology and parts rather than a material. The
precise geometrical self-intersecting surface when applied to a sitting function and concrete, a phenomena we call "structural ornamentation" results, lending the chair a unique surface treatment. The pattern is assisted by Generative Design & AI tools.


High resolution ductile concrete is used to create a kitchen with nontradtional kitchen-look qualities. Suitable for urban modern loft and open-spaces. The island and the cabinet doors are made with 3D-printed molds. The island is a monocoque construction and is more akin to sculpture than traditional millwork.


Available also in concrete, the classical anthropomorphic stool, takes on a differentiated language, when tooled by a CNC milling machine.
1,2,3, 4 legged derivatives forms a "family" of stools. They are suitable in both commercial and residential interiors. A traditional French polishing technique adds a layer of wit to the digitally mediated timber


The "Skraep" jewelry series is based on the "Midas Touch", turning a crumpled piece of paper into precious metal, and is available in both bracelet and charm pendant form, and offered in gold and silver.

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